Ishikari City is located to the north of Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido. Hokkaido’s ‘mother river’, the Ishikari River and the Sea of Japan have an abundance of salmon and herring, which are symbols of the cultural history of this region.

Excavations at Momijiyama in Hanakawa, Ishikari have revealed 4000 year old artifacts showing that people have fished for salmon in this region for a long time. The oldest legends and history of the Central region of Hokkaido have been found to originate from the ‘Honcho Area’ at the mouth of the Ishikari River. And by visiting reproductions of 400 year old buildings at this location, one can get a feeling of the history firsthand.

Also, in Atsuta and Hamamasu wards, in northern Ishikari, there are wonderful natural sights including an undulating coastline, a vast forest and an array of mountains. Here, visitors can fill their palates with the rich mountain and seafood and experience a sense of peace and healing.

However, at Ishikari Bay (Ishikari Wan Shinkou ward) there is a new international physical distribution port serving the world, aptly called, the Ishikari Bay New Port which is the heart of the area. Here in central Hokkaido a large modern physical distribution base has been built.

So, old meets new in Ishikari…Welcome all!

<The Origin of the Name Ishikari>
Ishikari comes from the native Ainu word, Ishikarabetsu or Ishikari River. Isikarabetsu has many interpretations including, water flowing down a winding river, divine beautiful river and so on.

<The Ishikari Emblem>

A lower case ‘i’ is used as the center of this emblem along with dots the fan out from the dot of the ‘i’ symbolizing citizens joined together and a hand pointing to the future. Also the entire emblem represents a tree, a flower, the sun and Ishikari River and, of course, how the city is growing.

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